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I wanted to get this all out while it was still fresh in my head. :)

So, the concert was amazing. From the opening act to the very end. I was wowed by the stadium because it's still new since they built it about a year before.

Janelle Monae was the opening act and she was really good. I've only seen her music videos and a few songs, but she was even better in person. Very high energy and some fantastic. One song even had her and her dancers come out into the audience, but I wasn't able to get a picture of that because they were on the other side of the stadium. :(

In between that, the DJ (Skeet Skeet) played some Top 40, some remixes, and some of his own music which was good. Katy came out before the show and tossed some shirts and random balls out to the audience. :P

As I said before, the concert was great. She had an Alice in Wonderland type movie playing (that she starred in) throughout the concert. Mostly to pass time for her costume changes, but she did quite a bit of that onstage as well.

Katy has a really good sense of humor. There was one point were she asked for a guy (shirtless) to come up on stage. One kid, who was only 11, raised his hand to come up and she responded with "You're only 11. Do you want me to go to jail?". That got plenty of laughs. A guy who was of age got onstage and got a quick kiss from Katy before she mentioned that someone told her that her husband came for a surprise visit. The boy quickly left the stage. I dunno if he was actually there or not, but no Russell Brand in sight.

Later on, Katy addressed the fans and said that she was sick (and you could tell from her voice as well as the coughing and sniffling) but she wasn't going to cancel the show and disappoint us. That made me like her a little more. :)

Probably the best moment of the night was her hopping on her pink cloud and floating above the crowd while performing "Thinking of You". She said it was one of her favorite songs and one that she didn't get to perform on tour very often. I made sure to get plenty of pictures.

At one point, she "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" by Whitney Houston. I felt hella old because I was the only singing it in my area. Most of them were probably too young to know it or they were too bored to sing.

During the song, she invited more people onto the stage to dance with her. One guy had a sign asking Katy if she would take a Facebook photo with him. She accepted and gave him a hug after the photo. The look on his face was priceless.

She ended the concert with "California Girls" which made it feel like one giant party. She brought out a giant water cannon and large beach balls filled the arena. Outside of my videos not having sound, I can honestly say this was one of the best moments of my life.

I'm sure there's a few details I forgot. Once I go through my photos and videos, I'm sure it'll come to me. :)

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